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Welcome to Birds and Birding Worldwide! from the Pewit website. Look around the Pewit Website for great ornithology links and general bird and birding resources worldwide. PEWIT is a FREE Birding Resource.

Birding Worldwide Pewit South America and the Neo Tropics

Bird Associations, Bird Clubs, Bird Federations and Bird Societies

Neo Tropical Bird Club - The Neotropical Bird Club has been established to: foster an interest in the birds of the Neotropics amongst birdwatchers throughout the world. increase awareness of the importance of support for conservation in the region mobilise the increasing number of enthusiastic birdwatchers active in the region to contribute to the conservation of Neotropical birds. provide a forum for the publication of articles and notes about Neotropical birds, their identification and conservation, and thus enhance information exchange in this subject area. channel efforts towards priority species and sites, drawing attention to conservation needs. publicise the activities of local groups and individuals, and improve their liaison and collaboration with other birdwatchers. Areas covered by the Neo Tropical Bird Club include: Mainland South America, Central America from Mexico to Panama, the Caribbean islands, all offshore islands associated with these areas.

Bird Aviaries

Bird Breeders

Bird Charities

Bird Classifieds and Bird Small Ads

Birding Commercial Links

Bird Education, Bird Research, Bird Universities

Bird Exhibitions, Bird Expositions, Bird Fairs and Bird Shows

Bird Health

Birding Holidays and Birding Travel

GreenTracks - Green Tracks South American Birding Holidays. Small-group tours into the Rainforest and more with leading naturalists. Birding holidays include: Amazon Jungle Lodges, Amazon Riverboats, Manu National Park, Peru, Tambopata National Reserve, Peru, Machu Picchu & Cuzco, Peru, Chachapoyas - The Lost World, Peru, Madidi National Park, Bolivia, Pantanal of Brazil, Costa Rica Rainforest & Beaches. GreenTracks provides the finest nature-oriented trips into tropical regions of the world. Founded in 1992 by prominent tropical biologists, GreenTracks has delivered memorable adventures with expert guidance to hundreds of vacationers, including both amateur and professional naturalists.

Toucan Birding Tours - Professionally led Neotropical Birding Tours. Toucan Birding Tours specialises in birding tours to the Neotropical Region and our guides are Neotropical bird enthusiasts with many years of birding and tour leading experience in the rainforests, mountains and savannas of the Tropical Americas. Birding The Caribbean, Central & South America.

Tropical Birding - Tropical Birding. Quote from the site: "Ever wanted to crouch down in epiphyte-laden cloudforest and watch the display of the spectacular Andean Cock-of-the-rock? Immerse yourself in the unequalled biodiversity of the Amazonian rainforests? See a Condor soar past jagged snow-capped peaks in the high Andes? Watch the antics of dazzling and diminutive hummingbirds fighting to drink from the same feeder? Swim with penguins and sea lions in the crystal-clear waters of the Galapagos? Come with us on a tour to Latin America and find all these and more in the most bird-rich region on Earth."

Tropical Nature Travel - Tropical Nature Travel, specializing in ecotourism holidays & journeys to the most beautiful natural settings on the planet. Unforgettable journeys to Central and South America. Destinations include: Brazil, from the Pantanal to the Amazon, The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador travel packages and Macchu Picchu and Cuzco in Peru travel section.

LOST WORLD ADVENTURES - LOST WORLD ADVENTURES has been specializing in travel to Central and South America for over 18 years. Utilize our knowledge and experience of Latin America to create innovative itineraries that meet travelers interests. Scenic tours and activities include birdwatching, hiking, snorkeling, and rafting. Accommodations range from luxury hotels, comfortable haciendas, full service resorts, to basic lodges. Birding holiday destinations include: the tropics of the Amazon Jungle to glaciers of Patagonia to the driest desert in the world, the Atacama.

Andean Birding - Andean Birding is a birdwatching tour company providing top bird guides, customized itineraries and logistics for your visit to the Andes, Amazon and Galapagos in Ecuador, as well as Peru and Bolivia. In addition, Andean Birding supports bird conservation and conduct ornithological research. Andean Birding is based in Quito, Ecuador; a spectacular country with a birdlist of 1620 and has the highest concentration of bird species in the world.

Birding in Peru - Birding in Peru offers birding holidays and all guided trips are led by highly qualified neo-tropical Bird tour leaders who carry the essential equipment, including scopes, sound library and playback facilities.

Bird Information

InfoNatura - Info Natura Bird, Mammals and Amphibians of Latin America. InfoNatura is a conservation and educational resource on the birds, mammals and amphibians of Latin America and the Caribbean. You can use InfoNatura to learn about more than 8,500 common, rare and endangered species.

WorldTwitch Neotropical - WorldTwitch Neotropical, Birds of Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Bird Legislation

Bird Literature and Bird Publications

Miscellaneous Bird and Birding

Bird Links to the World - BirdLife International, South America Page - Bird Links to the World - BirdLife International, South America Page. Categories of South American Birding Links include: Number of South American Bird species, South American Bird Checklists, General South American Bird Webpages, South American Bird and Birding Books, South American Bird Pictures, South American Bird Mailing lists, South American Birding Trip Reports, South American Birding Individual Trip Reports, South American Birding tour operators, South American Birding Lodges and Accomodation, South American Birding Conservation. There is also a Google search link for South America Birds and South America birding on the page (Bottom).

Bird Museums and Ornithological Collections

Goeldi Collection of Brazilian vertebrates and insects - Goeldi Collection of Brazilian vertebrates and insects

Bird Photographs

South American Birds Photographs - South American Birds Photographs covering the Neotropics, i.e. including, for example, Cuba. A huge page of high quality photographs of South American and Neo Tropical Birds.

South American Birds Photographs - South American Birds by Trev Feltham. Great page of good quality South American Bird Photographs including endangered species of birds. There is also a separate page for Birds of Brazil photographs. Black-fronted Piping-Guan photograph.

Bird Photographs from South America - Bird Photographs from South America by Jeremy Barker.

Bird Rescue Groups

Bird Sanctuaries and Bird Reserves

Bird and Birding Shops and Stores

Bird and Birding Supplies

Bird Toys

Unsorted Bird and Birding Websites

Archives of NEOBIRD@LISTSERV.UH.EDU - These Archives of NEOBIRD@LISTSERV.UH.EDU feature Bird Observations in the Neo Tropics.

Recent Postings from Neotropical Birding - Recent Postings from Neotropical Birding.

World Wide Web Bird and Birding Links Pages

Birding Worldwide Pewit South America and the Neo Tropics

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