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Birding Worldwide Bird Facts

Bird Facts

Did you know?

The bird that lays the largest egg in the world is.......... the ostrich.

The bird that lays the smallest egg in the world is....... the hummingbird.

The only bird in the world that has no wings is............. the kiwi.

The bird with the largest wings (wingspan) of any bird is.... the albatross.

The bird with the most feathers....... the tundra swan (over 25,000).

The bird with the least feathers......... the ruby-throated hummingbird (940).

All birds have feathers....... :-) But, this is not as silly as it sounds. To a scientist it defines the species class, aves - a creature can't be in this class, if it doesn't have feathers. Lots of other animals can fly (insects, bats, sqirrels, even fish) but birds are the only species that have feathers.

The heaviest flying bird in the world is the Great Bustard.

The Ten Fastest Birds in the World

Spine-tailed swift 106mph (171kph)

Frigate bird 95mph (153kph)

Spur-winged goose 88mph (142kph)

Red-breasted merganser 80mph (129kph)

White-rumped swift 77mph (124kph)

Canvasback duck 72mph (116kph)

Eider duck 70mph (113kph)

Teal 68mph (109kph)

Mallard 65mph (105kph)

Pintail 65mph (105kph)

Remember, many birds can achieve incredible speeds when assisted by the wind or gravity, in a plunging dive, for instance. A Peregrine Falcon has been recorded as achieving a speed of 217mph during a territorial display and when in a 45 degree dive. Top that!

Birding Worldwide Bird Facts

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